Please see the following Business Security Advisory with helpful tips from Lt. Amy O’Hara, Commander of the Community Policing Division for Revere Police Department.

The Revere Police Department is seeking support and assistance from business and shop owners in the Broadway Business District and throughout Revere to be vigilant and safe. The upcoming holiday season is a busy time of year, and it’s critical that safety and security are a top priority for customers, clients, employees and business owners.

Keep your business safe with some of these tips:

  1. Remain vigilant. Be watchful of suspicious people or vehicles, and inform your staff to do the same.
  2. Who holds keys to the premises? Ensure that only trusted and nominated members of staff hold keys to the workplace.
  3. Make sure people know your business is protected. Post signage around your premises to advertise that your building is being monitored to make opportunists think twice.
  4. Remove the target! Keep valuables out of sight, locked or hidden away.
  5. Get a visual on any intruder. Install cameras in the best place to gain a clear image of any intruders.
  6. Call the police if you suspect a break-in. Try not to touch anything.

Revere Police Department
400 Revere Beach Parkway
Revere MA 02151